Open tendering is the way to build a better Toronto.

Toronto has an opportunity to build a better city. A city that’s safer, with more affordable housing and mental health supports. That takes funding. Finding that funding may be simpler than you might think.


A new report shows Toronto could save about $347 million each year by supporting a competitve bidding process for all city-led construction projects. This would allow all qualified contractors to bid on and build city projects, creating jobs for more workers and freeing up funding for so many other priorites.

$347 million could build a lot more affordable housing.
$347 million could fund up to 400 mental health managers.
$347 million could  help improve TTV security.

Isn't it time Toronto found a better way to build?

Toronto is the only Ontario city that restricts bidding on construction contracts to companies whose workers belong to select unions. If a company’s workers belong to a different union, or they’re non-unionized, their employer can’t bid.
Fewer bidders = less competition, and that makes construction a lot more expensive.

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#FairAndOpenTO is sponsored by a union whose tradespeople, like those of many other small businesses and non-unions, are not allowed to build public projects.

We support Open Tendering because it better serves both workers and taxpayers in Toronto and beyond. Other cities are proving it.